The Season Is Over, But The Lights Are Still Up

The Season Is Over, But The Lights Are Still Up

Christmas has come and gone, but the memory and torment of hanging your Christmas lights is still very fresh in your mind. From finding and untangling the box of lights in the garage, to finally getting the willpower to actually hang them, this annual holiday chore is as grief-filled as ever. To add insult to injury, now comes the daunting task of taking down your lights, which can be equally as troublesome of an adventure. But nobody will notice if you leave those lights on until next year, right? Wrong. Everyone will notice. Don’t be one of those neighbours that still have their lights hanging when summer rolls around.

Splash Window Cleaning provides professional Christmas lighting service and maintenance to get those lights down promptly and keep your residence or business looking up to date! It is an essential part of exterior maintenance. Splash has residential services as well as commercial services to make sure all of your properties are taken care of. We will take down your lights and properly coil your cables to ensure that tangled box of lights will not be waiting for you yet again next year.

You can now breathe a sigh of relief that you will not have to deal with the stress of taking down your own lights. But, also consider Splash for the next holiday season when it comes to lighting up your house or commercial property again. Splash makes the lighting process easy. We are here to make this the jolliest season of all, so these are the top reasons using Splash for your Christmas lighting needs will make your life a whole lot easier:

  • No Hassle: Putting up and taking down your Christmas lights is a pain. The task can become easily frustrating and certain to leave you grumpy as a Grinch, which nobody wants to see. Spend more time indoors with friends and family during the holiday season and leave the hard work to the professionals at Splash. Your in-laws and dinner parties will bring you enough stress. Let Splash Window Cleaning alleviate some of the pressures of this time of year. Consider it a Christmas present to yourself!


  • Professional Quality: Your co-workers band together with the perfect vision for the company’s Christmas light display, but it turns out less then impressive. Splash knows how to create a great luminescent look that is sure to turn heads. We will meet with you to pick colours and designs to make sure you get everything you want out of your Christmas light display. We love the holiday season and have lots of experience hanging lights for houses and businesses. We have learned what works and how to make your lighting look the best it possibly can.


  • Stay Up to Date: Taking down your Christmas lights shows that you are organized and up to date with your property maintenance. This is especially important for commercial properties and businesses because it gives a professional look off to prospective clients and business partners. If your lights are still hanging well into February, then who is to say that you are not to up to date in other areas of the business? For residential houses, taking down your Christmas lights in a timely fashion is part of being a responsible neighbour and showing you care about the look of your home. Be the best homeowner and neighbour you can be by staying up to date with exterior maintenance.


  • Safety: There is no use risking your own safety in the effort of hanging Christmas lights on your home, trees, or eavestroughs. The winter is an icy time of year, which means slippery ladders and less than ideal outdoor conditions. Be happy and safe during the holiday season by letting Splash Window Cleaning take care of your Christmas lighting needs. You will have to be in tip-top shape to perform your last minute gift shopping and handle those needy dinner guests. So rest up with some tasty milk and cookies by the fire, and stay safe. Splash has your back.

The holidays are about rest and relaxation. Rather then stress about the agony of putting up and taking down your Christmas lights, let the experts at Splash Window Cleaning handle everything. Avoid the hassle, trust the quality, and keep your property looking up to date, all while staying safe. Contact Splash for a free estimate and we’ll get those lights down in no time.