Christmas Lights

Christmas Lighting Done Right

There is always at least one house in the neighborhood that causes everyone to stop and stare and bring their family to enjoy. It is brightly lit for the season yet not too garish or overdone. And most importantly the kids love it! That is Christmas lighting done right.
Then again there are those houses dark and dreary and sad. You know the ones. Maybe they have one light in a window or half their lights are burned out. Maybe the owners are too busy and procrastinate, or maybe they are older folks who can’t risk getting up on the ladder one more year
We will give you some tips and shortcuts to getting your Christmas lighting done right and without any accidents.

Have a Vision

It’s never a good idea to just wing it. Decide what you want your home to look like and how brightly lit. Select the areas you want to highlight. It might be your roofline or some specific architectural feature. Do you want to focus on your trees and bushes? How about decks and patios or all the way to the street?

Measure, Measure, Measure

Don’t just guess how many light strands you will need. No winter wonderland for you if you have to stop in the middle of putting up lights to head back to the store.
Then again, be sure you know where your power source is. Be sure you can reach it before you string everything.  One more tip before beginning is to check that all the lights are working BEFORE you put them up. Lay them on the ground and check that each light is working properly.

Consider Safety Above All Else

Couple LadderBesides taking proper precautions when using a ladder in the snow, ice, and wind, there are other ways to stay safe as you deck out your home for the holidays.

  • When you purchase your lights, be sure they are for the OUTSIDE if that’s where you intend to put them. Never use inside light strands on the outside of your home.
  • Choose UL approved extension cords.
  • Toss away old damaged cords.
  • Only use light clips to hang your lights and not staples or others fixtures.
  • Get an elf to help. Lighting most homes is a two man (or woman) job.

The Smarter Way to Light Your Home for the Holidays

If all this sounds too complicated or too risky for you to tackle, there is another way to get Christmas lighting done right. Hire a professional like Splash Window Cleaning. They will do all of the work for you. Splash Window Cleaning will help you come up with the vision and make recommendations. They will do all the measuring and keep you safe
Not only do they help you maintain you home during the rest of the year, they also offer the busy people of Toronto a way to make the holiday season more fun and a little less stressful.
If you fit into one of the following categories, you might find Splash Window Cleaning’s Christmas lighting service your best Christmas present.  If you are

  • A busy executive
  • Physically impaired
  • A procrastinator
  • A senior citizen

You don’t have to give up decorating the outside of your home just because you are too busy to find sufficient time to do it properly. If you have become a little older and your knees just don’t work like they did a few years ago, there is help. You won’t have to struggle with that ladder again.

Less Stress during the Christmas Season

We all have enough to do this time of year without worrying about how to make the outside of our homes look festive and inviting. Less stress = happier holiday.
The professionals at Splash Window Cleaning will offer you a carefree way to light up your home for the holidays.

  • They will help you decide on the vision for your Christmas lighting.
  • They will purchase exactly what you need.
  • They will hang all your lights and then maintain them through the season.
  • They will come back to remove all your lights and properly store them for next year.

You can decide if you wish to have them return next season. Imagine not ever having to worry about getting back up on your ladder in the ice and snow again.
It also makes a great Christmas gift for an aging parent, the man who has everything, or your significant other.
Contact us today and receive a free estimate in just minutes. Then get your Christmas lighting done right and have the home everyone admires.