Hanging and testing festive lights for Christmas or other holidays can be a real pain. Untangling the mess of cables, testing and replacing bulbs, not to mention actually hanging the lights! The whole process is incredibly time consuming and frustrating.


At Splash, we make the festive lighting process as easy as possible for you. We can meet with you to discuss colours and designs that you may have in mind, and provide any of the lighting and related products that you need. We will then hang the lights on your roof, eaves, windows, trees, or wherever else you desire!


Throughout the holiday season, we provide maintenance on your system and can replace faulty bulbs and wires. At the end of the holiday season, we’ll take down your system and properly coil your cables to ensure easy storage, and an easy set up the following year if you should choose to use us again!


Call us today at 1-866-251-6617 for a free estimate, or to schedule a consultation where we can discuss your festive lighting options.

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