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Exterior Home Makeover Tips

With spring around the corner, it is time to swing into full cleaning mode and get your house ready for the nicer weather. While you hibernated indoors this winter, the exterior of your home has been working 24/7 protecting you from the elements. The result of that loyal service is a build up of dirt and grime caused by relentless heavy winds and snowstorms. It is time to repay your home and give it the fresh makeover it deserves for the coming season. These are some exterior home makeover tips to get your house looking its best for spring.


Exterior Home Makeover Tips

Start With The Windows: Look no further then Splash Window Cleaning to have your windows looking good as new for spring. Clean windows are an important place to start because they are essentially the face of your home. Your windows take a beating in the wintertime. When the spring sun hits, there is nowhere for streaks and stains to hide and these marks will become glaringly obvious for both neighbours and yourself. It is smart to start your exterior home makeover with your windows because they greatly influence the look of your overall home. Splash has residential window cleaning services to provide you with a quality, hassle free clean.


Reduce Clutter: One of the best ways to transform the exterior of your home for the spring is to reduce clutter. Take away any non-essential item that has found its permanent resting place on your lawn, porch, or front steps. This includes past Christmas decorations that seem to want to linger until they are needed again next season. People tend to put things like old weight training equipment, children’s toys, used furniture, etc., out on there driveway or porch as a means to clear out the inside of their home. But there is no use reducing clutter inside if it simply adds to the problem outside. Give or throw these things away and watch how reducing clutter makes your home look clean, simple, and beautiful.


Clean Your Siding: Besides your windows, the siding of your home has worked tirelessly this winter and the effect is unwanted dirt and build up. With the daily snowstorms soon coming to an end, spring brings new opportunities for your home’s siding to look its best. An important exterior home makeover tip that will truly improve the look of your home is to get an excellent siding cleaning from Splash Window Cleaning. No matter what kind of siding you have, from brick to metal, the benefits of a thorough clean will be glaringly obvious and well worth it. We care for our bodies every single day, we should start to care for the body of our home and have it in top-notch shape for the spring season.


Minor Repairs: Small issues are important to take care of because they show a general care and respect the homeowner has for their home. Perhaps, you have a burnt out light over your garage, or your house number has lost a nail and it is tilted to the side. The winter months may have caused you to delay these repairs, but now the weather is getting nicer. These are easy to neglect issues and at the same time very easy to fix. Finishing all the minor repairs the exterior of your home needs is a good way to show you care for every detail in the way your home looks. Minor issues that need repairs such as these can overshadow a great and otherwise clean home. It is not worth hurting the overall look of your home because you are too lazy to finish a few minor repairs.


Pressure Cleaning: Winter is very good at making a mess. It is amazing how much stuck on, seemingly impossible to remover dirt winter can cause over its few months of torment. Sometimes you don’t have the right equipment or know how to clean certain areas that winter’s powers have gotten to. Consider the pressure cleaning services at Splash Window Cleaning for tasks that are beyond your capabilities. Residential pressure washing with Splash can make your worn down porch or garage door look good as new. Give the exterior of your home the ultimate makeover by pressure washing it until it shines.


Keep all of these exterior home makeover tips in mind as you prepare for the spring season. Contact Splash Window Cleaning to help you have your home looking as beautiful as the weather.