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How to Prepare Your Home Exterior for Winter

Winter Home TipsWinter tends to wreak havoc on our homes and leaves the exterior a little worse for wear every year. Being better prepared this coming year is ideal in ensuring your home operates at its best during the cold months. Taking the time to check your house and enlist help when necessary will go a long way in preserving the integrity of your home, and in preventing higher repair fees later down the road. As well, your energy bills will be lower, and the overall safety and sturdiness of your home will be maintained. Here’s how to prepare your home exterior for winter!
While winter is best enjoyed sitting near a fire, with a hot cup of cocoa in hand, if you’re not winter-ready and haven’t done a once over of your place, Jack Frost may make an appearance indoors as well! To restrict his visit inside and maintain the coziness, do the following run-through of areas where frost may leak in – doors and windows:
Weather Stripping:
Check all the weather-stripping around windows and doors of your home. Here is where you may find leaks and cracks, an ideal way for the cold to make its way inside. If necessary, you may need to replace the weather-stripping prior to winter’s full onset.
Most of us leave the screen doors and windows that we already have in place, for the entire winter. Replacing these screens with storm doors and windows will go a long way in keeping the cold out and thus, helping you lower your electricity and heating bills. Not only will they help save you money, but they’ll ensure no cold gets in, which if not replaced, can damage the existing window frame. Seeing as winter can be unpredictable, avoid further damage that may occur during a huge storm or ice-rain downpour.
Any wooden frames, whether it be around doors or windows should be thoroughly checked for decay or rot. Wood is a sturdy yet sensitive material, so naturally, over time it is subject to deterioration. Ensuring the current frames are intact and free of mold will be beneficial in preserving the heat of your home. If you do detect decay, replace the frames immediately. The cold will weaken the wood and you’ll feel drafts all winter, not to mention even more decay with the moisture building up all winter and spring.
Home Gutter CleaningCaulking:
If you notice drafts coming from around windows and doors, it may mean that you need to re-caulk the area. This can be easily done with the help of a professional and will seal the gaps, ensuring no wind or cold fronts come in.
Make sure your gutters are clear of any leaves, branches, or dirt, as with winter’s precipitation, the gutters will need to be in full working condition to drain excess water and snow.
While this may seem like an overwhelming list of how to prepare your home exterior for winter, luckily there are professionals who can take care of this easily for you. Hiring someone experienced and well-versed in winter home maintenance will help you identify exactly what to look for and to solve any problems, ensuring you have a warm and toasty winter season. Contact us for more information.