New Year New Home

New Year New Home

As the weather outside become even more “frightful,” we find ourselves sitting by the fire, snuggling with our special someone, and basically sheltering in place. One way to make productive use of this quiet time is to plan exactly what we need to do to maintain or improve our homes for this New Year. New Year New Home 2016 is the perfect name for this project!
Let us give you some suggestions for both maintenance and improvements to your home for the coming year. Then you can decide when and how to execute your plan.

Start with your Windows

If you are already finding it more difficult to see the home across the street or your children building a snowman, you know the elements are taking a toll on your windows and home. The snow, wind, and all the grime that goes with winter will only increase with each passing day.
Now would be the perfect opportunity to enlist the help of a professional and schedule a time in the future to have your many windows cleaned to perfection. Splash Window Cleaning will give you a free estimate and then you can put a date on the calendar to have window cleaning pros come out to execute a spring cleaning regimen for your windows.
You could of course attempt to do this chore yourself. Then again, why risk all the issues involved with climbing ladders and getting into more difficult areas like skylights and unusual shaped windows when you can secure the assistance of specialists. Windows, check!

Home Exteriors Takes a Beating

Imagine how the dirt and blowing snow has diminished the look of your home’s exterior. You see it every day and probably don’t realize how bad it has become. If you are someone who has previously utilized a pressure washer in the spring and summer to remove mold, dirt and more, you know how powerful they are.
Maybe you have already learned (the hard way) the mistakes you can make with a pressure washer. Standing too close to the surface you are cleaning, using the wrong nozzle, or attempting to clean certain surfaces can all lead to disasters. You can easily damage your home and hurt yourself as well. How about a new plan?
Home MaintenanceBe smart this time. As you sit by the fire and relax, make the call to engage a specialist who will do the job efficiently and safely. Splash Window Cleaning can tackle not only the exterior walls of your home but your driveway, fragile window frames and eaves troughs. No worries about a pressure washer disaster this year.
Add this to the list Project New Year New Home 2016. We can clean any type of siding, so give us a call.
Get an estimate and set a date to bring your home back to its original glory.

The Dirty Job of Cleaning Eaves Troughs

One of the least thought about but vital parts of any home are the eaves troughs. They can be a blessing or a curse depending on how they are maintained.
If they remain clear of leaves, debris, dirt, pine cones and other tree remnants they help water flow away from your home. A functional eaves trough protects your home from countless issues and costly repairs.
If you procrastinated last fall about cleaning them or if there was an early snow, clogged troughs can become a serious and tricky problem when the temperatures begin to rise.
A particularly hard winter may have damaged them or they could have become dislodged and won’t be functioning as they should come spring.
Cleaning eaves troughs is both a messy and risky job that requires an expert to do it safely and efficiently. Splash Window Cleaning has insured professionals to do this unpleasant job for you and help maintain your most important investment.
Contact us today and we can give you an estimate on the phone.

Don’t Forget the Driveway

When was the last time you checked your driveway for holes, cracks or other imperfections? Most driveways should be sealed when installed and then re-sealed about every three years to maintain their durability and fresh look.
If you think your driveway is ready for an overhaul, now is the time to add that to the list.
Make the call, set the date for service, and then forget about it! Go back to drinking hot cocoa and watching the snow fall with the knowledge that all your projects will be cared for at the assigned time. We will even confirm and then call you before we arrive.
Project New Year New Home 2016 is complete. Troublesome and risky home projects can all be professionally handled by Splash Window Cleaning.