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If you’ve ever experimented with a pressure washer yourself, you know how easy it can be to do permanent damage to the surface you are treating.


Pressure washers are extremely powerful machines, and require specific techniques based on the material and issue they are being used to treat.


At Splash Window Cleaning, we offer residential pressure washing services for a number of applications. Some of these include:


Common Issues With Power Washers

Power washers can be operated quite safely and effectively if you’re aware of some of the standard usage directions. This covers things like distance to stand from various materials, appropriate nozzle selection, how to clean the washer, and more.


There are also general safety rules like how you should operate the washer around electricity wires, why you should refrain from usage on a ladder, proper safety equipment, and other crucial safety factors.


Unfortunately, by disregarding, or simply being unaware of some of these important rules, you risk seriously damaging the surface you are treating, and will put yourself in danger as well.


Pressure Washing Can Be Risky

Don’t risk doing permanent damage to yourself and your property by operating a power washer without proper training. Our power washing experts can get the job done safely, and efficiently.


With over a decade of experience pressure washing our clients’ siding, driveways, eaves, window frames, and walls, you can be sure that we know exactly what we’re doing.


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Don’t take any unnecessary risks to yourself or your property, hire Splash Window Cleaning for all your power washing needs today!

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