Spotless Summer Window Cleaning

Summer Home Projects: Five Tips for Spotless Summer Window Cleaning

In addition to making a home feel spotless and bright, sparkling windows also allow ample light into a room and can transform a living space from feeling dank and dark into feeling airy and open. Thanks to the warm temperatures and longer days, summer is the ideal time for home projects, including window cleaning. These professional tips will help homeowners ensure that their windows stay bright, shiny and virtually spotless all summer long:

1) Soap windows with a strip applicator
While many homeowners choose to wash their windows with shreds of cloth or paper towels, these materials only push dirt around and deposit lint. Additionally, these materials leave a static charge on the window pane, which only attracts dirt and dust and results in the window looking dirty again immediately after washing. In order to avoid these problems, homeowners should soap their windows with a cloth strip applicator.

Used by professional window washing companies, the large head of a strip applicator dislodges and captures dirt and evenly distributes soapy liquid. Thanks to their framing, divided-light or multipane windows may not be conducive to being washed with a strip applicator and may require hand soaping. In this case, homeowners should use a natural bristle brush or a natural sponge; the firm texture and absorbent nature of these materials helps dislodge dirt. When the window has been thoroughly soaped, homeowners should use a squeegee to remove the soap.

2) Pay attention to strokes
When removing cleaning solution from a window, homeowners can achieve brilliant, streak-free results by

Cleaning Window Using Squeegee

dragging the squeegee in a back-and-forth “S” motion. Right-handed people should start at the window’s top left corner while left-handed people should start in the top right corner. For best results, the squeegee blade should be wiped clean with a clean, dry, lint-free cloth after each stroke. Divided-light windows will call for a squeegee that fits each pane exactly, which may require the homeowner to cut the squeegee down to size.

3) Sop up extra water
In order to avoid pesky water spots, homeowners should sop up any leftover water with a super-absorbent lint-free cloth. The cloth should be run down the sides of the window and along the windowsill in order to prevent leaking or standing water and subsequent damage to wood windowsills.

4) Clean twice annually with cleansing powder
No matter how well homeowners clean their windows, hard-water masonry runoff or rainwater will often stain glass windowpanes and leave a bothersome white film behind. In addition to being unsightly, this film also attracts dirt and will result in a need for more frequent window washes. To combat this problem, homeowners should wet their windows twice a year and gently apply a cleansing powder such as Barkeeper’s Friend, which contains oxalic acid to remove stains.

Homeowners should mix a bit of the powder into a small amount of water to form a paste, which should then be applied in a gentle, circular motion using steel wool. Although this solution will remove stains, they will eventually reappear. Fortunately, homeowners can further prevent the reappearance of stains by applying an over-the-counter polymer coating. Clear and easy to apply, polymer coatings prevent stains indefinitely, as long as they are reapplied after each routine window washing.

5) Install eavesthroughs
Gutter CleaningEavesthroughs channel rainwater off the edge of a roof and down a gutter rather than allowing it to fall onto windows. Homes that do not have rain gutters installed will require much more window cleaning than those that do, and homeowners can greatly decrease the level of elbow grease needed during the summer months by installing a gutter system. Eavesthroughs are available at most hardware and home improvement stores. They come in a variety of finishes, colors and materials and can be customized to fit the length of nearly any roof. Homeowners should keep in mind that eavesthroughs should be cleaned annually in order to prevent the buildup of organic matter.

Although window cleaning might not be the most enjoyable job in the world, the end results are rewarding enough to make the expenditure worth it. Homeowners who do not want to wash their own windows or who have many windows, a large home or windows that are difficult to reach can call Splash Window Cleaning for estimates and a list of available commercial and residential services. Clean windows are a summer necessity and Splash Window Cleaning offers a myriad of services to help homeowners get and keep clean, beautiful windows. Contact us today!