A Tale of Two Windows

This is a tale of two windows, that at first glance, looked very different, but ending up being a lot more similar than anybody ever thought.


Tom is a window that lives on a house, in a lovely neighbourhood in the heart of Toronto. He has a great life, consisting mostly of sunbathing and watching the neighbours pass by. Tom is incredibly friendly because he always lets his owners look through him to see the happenings of the day. In the world of windows, Tom is fairly famous. Everyone talks about the way he looks fresh, clean, and professional. If there were a GQ Windows Magazine, the choice for cover shot would not be difficult to make. Other windows frequently ask Tom, how? How do you look sparkling new day after day and never seem to age a window year in your life? And Tom answers in a matter of fact tone, Splash Window Cleaning. Tom’s caring owners use Splash Window Cleaning for professional quality service that keep him looking his best. They make window cleaning easy and Tom never minds a day at the spa.

Ron is a window that lives on a very similar house as Tom, in the same neighbourhood in the heart of Toronto. Ron does not have a great life. He always seems grumpy and upset and has a negative presence on all those around him. When people look at Ron they see dirt, smudges, and smears. The usual first impression is a window that has let himself go. Ron is also quite famous. He is well known as being the ugliest window on the block. Nobody enjoys passing by his house. When Ron’s owners wave hello to neighbours passing by, nobody returns the favour. This is not because these neighbours do not want to wave back, it is because they simply cannot see Ron’s owners him. But wait. Is any of this Ron’s fault? Most think not. His owners have neglected to call Splash Window Cleaning and get Ron the pampering he deserves. Splash has residential window cleaning services that can turn a forgotten window into a born again star. Does Ron still have the potential to climb to the top of the window world?

Gossip runs rampant among fellow windows and Tom quickly heard of Ron’s situation. Through the loud mouths of Sue and Marie (windows on corner houses always have the biggest mouths), Tom discovered that there was a window in the neighbourhood making all those around it look bad. As a natural leader and charismatic voice of the window community, Tom felt it was his duty to seek out Ron. Windows have a way of communicating across long distances using gleams of sunlight as language. From down the street Tom asked Ron, ‘What was the matter?’ Ron replied, ‘I feel trapped. I used to be like you, happy and welcoming for everyone to look through me, but over time things have changed. I have become dirty and useless. I want to be like you again. Free me from my disgusting confines!’ Tom never knew Ron felt this way. He figured Ron had accepted his grimy state, but in fact, Ron wanted to be clean again.

Over years of letting light into the house, Tom had developed a strong connection with his owners. He felt he was responsible for helping Ron and he knew his owners were his only chance. Tom’s owners loved Splash Window Cleaning and used their services all the time to ensure Tom was in the best shape of his life. But if only Ron’s owners could realize that’s how easy it is! One call! Tom spoke to his owners and convinced them to plead with Ron’s family to have Splash Window Cleaning over for a free estimate. After minutes of thoughtful discussion they had agreed, and Splash was over the next day to assess the situation and promptly get Ron and his window friends looking their best again.

After Splash had worked their magic, Ron was a new window. He was happier and shinier and his owners loved to look through him to see the happenings of the day. Neighbours even started to wave back! Ron’s drastic makeover improved the look of the entire neighbourhood. All the other windows loved him and soon they all wanted Splash Window Cleaning to take care of their cleaning services. Tom looked over and saw a window that reminded him a lot of himself. Ron was confident and proud. This whole time Ron was waiting to become the window he knew he was capable of. Tom and Ron were a lot more similar then they first thought. Tom and Ron went on to lead the window cleaning movement that supported the right for every window to have the professional level service of Splash Window Cleaning.

Contact Splash Window Cleaning for prices and make your windows look and feel like Tom and Ron.