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Finding a trustworthy and dependable company to do any sort of maintenance at your house isn’t always simple. Splash Window Cleaning, on the other hand, is the ideal business you’re looking for. We’ve been offering competent and trusted paver sealing in Toronto ON for many years. We’ve developed a reputation for providing excellent service and have received great reviews over time. This is due to the fact that, as a business, we are trustworthy, respectable, and committed to delivering high-quality work, excellent customer service, and competitive pricing on a regular basis. Our dedication to our community means you can be confident that only the top level of service will be provided. Get in touch with us today to learn why we’re so highly regarded for our paver sealing services.

Benefits Of Our Toronto
Concrete Paver Sealing Services

Sealing pavers helps to strengthen and harden the sand joints that bind the pavers in place, avoiding loosening and cracking with time. In sandy soil, some settling and shifting are unavoidable. However, by laying pavers on crushed gravel or concrete substrate, as well as using professional sealing methods from Splash Window Cleaning, you can minimize any movement of your paves considerably! Furthermore, sealing the sand joints between your pavers prevents grass and weeds from sprouting up between them. This not only saves you time by reducing weed care, but it also keeps your hardscape surface level and smooth.

The last thing you want is for your lovely hardscape outdoor living area to get destroyed while you’re enjoying it. Highly traveled regions require a little more protection from the messes of everyday life. Wine, juice, oils, and fats from the grill and pet accidents are all possible stains on patios and outdoor kitchens. Your driveway is a magnet for stains caused by oil drips and other automobile fluids. Even the most difficult of stains are repelled by a water-based sealer, which also protects your pavers from everything your active lifestyle delivers.

The most apparent advantage (or at least the one that’s most popular with our clients and most individuals that get sealing done) is how it looks. The color improvement is fantastic. There are a variety of sealers available, some of which give greater color enhancement. It’s sometimes referred to as the wet look or the enhanced look. But, in any case, what it does is darken and enrich the brick’s colors. However, it does not alter the hue of the pavers. When it’s damp or wet, it has a similar effect: it makes the paver color come alive and brings out its natural beauty.

Affordable and Effective Paver Sealing in Toronto ON

The best way to avoid surface issues like moisture build-ups, stains, dirt accumulations, weeds, and other maintenance concerns is to seal the pavers in your home. Having sealed pavers means that your pavers will be in a better, cleaner, and stronger condition every year. They will require far less cleaning and maintenance over time, and you’ll save a lot of money by not having to replace them as often. Sealing your pavers has a number of advantages, but they don’t have to be expensive. We offer high-quality and successful paver sealing in Toronto ON at affordable pricing all year round. You’ll receive outcomes that exceed your expectations without breaking the bank when you employ Splash Window Cleaning.

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Concrete Paver Sealing In Toronto

Karen Houle

Concrete Paver Sealing In Toronto

This is the seventh year I have used Splash to seal my driveway and I am very pleased as always. Highly recommended Concrete Paver Sealing service!

Concrete Paver Sealing Toronto

John Higgins

Concrete Paver Sealing Toronto

This is the year in a row for driveway sealing. Great concrete paver sealing service and product. They try too promises appointments on time but it all up to the weather.

Concrete Paver Sealing Toronto ON

Chris Colmer

Concrete Paver Sealing Toronto ON

The concrete paver sealing work was done in a timely, professional manner. The driveway top-coating appeared uniform and did not have overspray. I was quite satisfied.

John Higgins

Frequently Asked
Concrete Paver Sealing Questions

Paver sealing in Toronto ON protects your pavers from deterioration, mold, and mildew. Furthermore, having your pavers sealed will help to prevent unsightly weeds from spoiling the appearance of your property and detracting from its curb appeal.

The process of sealing pavers takes a short time, but it does require a four-hour gap between applications to allow the previous coat to dry. As a result, we will be at your property for roughly half a day. You’ll also need to at least 24 hours before moving any furniture back or allowing any foot traffic.

The good news is that your pavers won’t need to be resealed for a long time. In general, you should have them sealed every three to five years. However, if you see any damage before this, it may be a good idea to have them resealed again right away to be safe. 

The cost of paver sealing in Toronto ON is based on the size of the surface that we will be working on. We never overcharge, and all costs are included in your initial estimate, so there will be no unpleasant surprises when the work is complete.

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