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Your home’s driveway is an important investment, and you deserve to keep it in great condition. At Splash Window Cleaning, we offer expert asphalt sealing in Toronto, ON, to ensure your asphalt pavement remains free of cracks and hazardous potholes. We take pride in our spotless track record of helping Toronto homeowners like yourself benefit from asphalt sealing that provides the durability their pavement needs to stand up to lots of traffic without cracking or chipping. Your driveway will also gain protection from harmful UV rays and oxidation that can cause asphalt to deteriorate quickly and lose its integrity.

Benefits Of Our Toronto
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There’s only so much time that can pass without investing in asphalt sealing services before your pavement’s surface begins to noticeably crack and chip. Mother Nature can take its toll on your asphalt, and if your pavement gets too much exposure to the elements without being properly sealed, you’ll wind up spending unnecessarily large amounts of cash on repairs or, in the worst-case scenario, a complete asphalt replacement. With asphalt sealing like ours, you can ensure that your pavement is constantly protected from inclement weather conditions for longer, which winds up saving you tons of money in the long run.

Whether it’s heavy bouts of rain and snow or constant exposure to your vehicle’s fluids, your asphalt can – and will – deteriorate over time. Between moisture that accelerates asphalt degradation and scorching-hot weather that makes asphalt dry up and become more brittle, you need a reliable way to extend your asphalt’s lifespan. At Splash Window Cleaning, we can properly seal your asphalt driveway to keep it protected from harmful elements and significantly slow down the rate at which it deteriorates. The result? Your asphalt surface doesn’t need to be repaired nearly as frequently, ultimately extending its lifespan by a large amount.

Applying a seal coat to your asphalt surface covers up tiny cracks and keeps them from getting bigger and more noticeable. Once we’ve applied a seal coat to your asphalt, you’ll immediately notice that your asphalt surface looks glossier and more aesthetically pleasing. Asphalt sealing like ours is particularly great for transforming an asphalt pavement’s appearance after it’s become worn down after winter. Additionally, if you’re considering renovating the rest of your property to gear up for getting it on the market for prospective buyers to check out, it never hurts to boost your asphalt’s appearance with our asphalt sealing.

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Searching for a company that can maintain your asphalt appearance or breathes new life into it if the elements have taken their toll? Then you’ve come to the right place. At Splash Window Cleaning, we provide asphalt sealing in Toronto, ON, that you can trust to address fading marks, cracks, and additional typical signs of wear and tear that your asphalt pavement has sustained. Our services are perfect for homeowners like yourself who want to save money by avoiding expensive repairs, extend the lifespan of their asphalt by giving it protection against the elements, and improve their asphalt’s aesthetic appeal.


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Frequently Asked
Asphalt Sealing Questions

Asphalt driveways are made up of materials such as asphalt binders, small stones, and finely ground sand. Although your asphalt binder initially holds all your driveway’s aggregates together to provide your pavement with a rich, black color, it will eventually start to oxidize after too much exposure to the elements.

The answer to this question depends on your asphalt’s humidity exposure. Generally speaking; however, you’ll be able to set foot on your pavement within four to eight hours after we’ve finished our sealing. Within 24 to 48 hours, you’ll be able to drive your vehicle on your asphalt pavement, too.

If you’ve been living in Toronto for any length of time, then you know how extreme the local weather conditions can get. Things like freezing temperatures, lots of freezing rain, sleet, and snow, and constant exposure to snowplowing can take their toll on your asphalt surface, causing it to deteriorate.

It’s important that you schedule an appointment for your asphalt sealing when temperatures are hovering around 50 degrees outside overnight. In light of this fact, we generally recommend that our customers schedule appointments for asphalt sealing during the months of April and October when overnight outdoor temperatures are just right.

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