Tips For Choosing The Best Window Cleaning Company

Clean windows can make a more significant difference to your home or business than you might think. They are responsible for allowing natural light into your space but are also part of a visitor’s or customer’s impression of your property. While you can, obviously, clean your windows yourself, you might be looking for professional help to take care of the process. Whether you want to ensure the best possible quality, it’s to save on time, convenience or hard-to-reach windows, there are many reasons you might want to outsource, but finding a reliable and high-quality window cleaning service isn’t as easy as it may seem. 

Even just a quick Google search will give you a ton of companies offering window cleaning services, so picking out the gem from among the rocks can be challenging. Today, we’ll look closer at how to choose the best window cleaning company to help you make an informed decision and find the right one for you.

Understanding Window Cleaning Services

Many window cleaning companies offer both residential and commercial services as well as interior or exterior cleaning. While they’re there, they will often also clean your screens and wipe the sills to ensure a comprehensive cleaning. One of the biggest advantages of calling in professional help is that they have both the experience and the right tools and equipment to do the job quickly and efficiently, meaning a streak-free clean without the hassle. This also ensures that your building looks great and helps prolong the life of your windows by removing dirt, grime, and pollutants that could damage them over time.

8 Tips For Choosing The Best Window Cleaning Company

Now, with these basics out of the way, let’s look at eight useful tips for choosing the best window cleaning company.

Reading Reviews and Seeking Recommendations

Right from the get-go, research is crucial. As mentioned before, almost as many window cleaning companies are hawking their services as there are grains of sand on a beach. So, while a quick Google search of “window cleaning services near me” is going to provide you with a long list of companies, you’ll want to whittle that list down before you start calling them. Start with asking friends or family if they have had any recent experience with window cleaning companies. This firsthand feedback can give you a great idea of who to put on your list to contact.

Also, read online reviews, like those on Google or Yelp, to get more real customer feedback. Don’t just look at ratings; read what the customers had to write. You will want to look for consistently positive comments and patterns of positive service. If there are any negative reviews, ensure to read those as well because this can give you a good insight into how the company deals with potential issues and, again, if there are any repeating patterns.

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Transparent Pricing and Quotations

Obviously, price is an important factor, and most companies offer free cost estimates. Take advantage of this and request multiple quotes so you can compare prices and ensure you are quoted market prices. If you find one quote significantly lower than the rest, approach it with some caution, as the company may be willing to cut corners to undercut the competition.

First of all, reputable companies will schedule site visits to see the scope of the work, such as how many windows, access, etc., to provide you with a comprehensive quote. These cost estimates should be clear with their pricing and not have any lumpsum fees. It should have a transparent breakdown of labour, materials, and any additional services required. If a company is vague in their estimate or even refuses to give you a written quote, it could be a big red flag because it would not give you the opportunity to compare prices or have anything in writing you properly could refer to.

Customer Service and Communication

You can start evaluating a company’s customer service and communication skills right from the first contact. See how quickly and responsive they are after your first inquiry to get information or set up a site visit. Note how professional and attentive they are to questions and how forthcoming and transparent they are with information and answers. If a company is easy to reach and communicates clearly from the beginning, it is also more likely to continue this throughout the whole process.

Check for Licensing and Insurance

Ensuring that the company you’re talking to is fully licensed and insured is critical. A valid license shows they’re not an obscure fly-by-night venture operating out of a basement somewhere and abide by municipal or provincial regulations. Insurance provides you with peace of mind that you won’t be held liable if an accident or damage happens on your property.

Experience and Expertise

We already briefly touched on this earlier, but look for a company with a proven track record and experience with different types of windows and situations. While technically anybody can clean a window, an experienced window cleaning company is equipped to safely clean hard-to-reach windows and take care of stubborn stains and delicate glass surfaces. You can check online reviews, testimonials, and portfolios on the company’s website to get firsthand feedback from previous customers and see the quality of its work. If a company can’t provide either, it could be a red flag that they’re not all that confident in their own services.

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Equipment and Cleaning Solutions Used

The equipment and cleaning solutions used by the company are also worth considering. A good, reputable company uses high-quality equipment, such as water-fed poles, squeegees, and extension ladders, to ensure thorough and efficient cleaning without causing any damage to windows or surrounding surfaces. The last thing you want to happen is for a window to get scratched or not properly cleaned. 

Also, with eco-consciousness rising, eco-friendly cleaning solutions have become more important than ever. They are critical to protect the environment and the occupants of your home or business. Harsh chemicals can emit harmful vapours that can lead to allergic reactions or respiratory issues.

Safety Standards and Protocols

Not just with window cleaning companies, safety should always be at the very top of any list, especially if you have a high-rise building or a property with hard-to-reach windows. Don’t hesitate to ask companies for their safety protocols, like using harnesses, safety ropes, and fall protection systems to ensure their employees are safe. Also, ask for official certifications and training certificates showing the company is committed to a safe working environment.

Guarantees and Follow-Up Services

Reputable companies don’t stop at performing window cleaning services but also offer satisfaction guarantees and post-service follow-ups to make sure their performance is as expected. A satisfaction guarantee gives you the peace of mind that the company is confident in the quality of their service, and warranties ensure that should you encounter any issues, they will correct any problems without big hassle. You can also ask for possible follow-up services, such as a maintenance plan scheduling regular visits to clean, which might offer discounts.

Bring in the Professionals

Choosing the best window cleaning company will take some time and effort, but checking out reviews, getting transparent quotes, and getting information about their licensing, experience, equipment, and more is crucial to making an informed decision. Remember, clean windows go beyond just looking good; they also protect your windows and can increase productivity.

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